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Welcome to Pits Weekly (Morya Group) Advertisement Solutions.

Through Internet advertising you can make contact with more audience than most other marketing mediums. Direct, Tailored and to the point web pages give viewers what they need.

We offer our clients advertising solutions. Hear you would find details and specifications on all ad Units present on the entire Pits site.

For Advertising inquiries please contact us on:

For Mumbai:
Tel- 022- 26614704 / 61359600 / 32984554
Fax: 022-26613707
Email- :
Web Site:

For Indore:
Tel: 0731- 3917262 / 2535719
Fax: 0731- 2435700
Web site:

Mechanical Details:

Electronic files are preferred on PC formatted media (CDs, Pen drives) or via e-mail; Images may be a PDF, EPS or JPG web viewable format.
Tabloid Newspaper Size:
Full Page-
Height- 310 MM / 31 CM
Width- 250 MM / 25 CM

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