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PITS WEEKLY (People Injustice Truth System) is the largest independently owned Media Business in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh (India). Nation’s leading media conglomerate periodicals 3 languages like Hindi, Marathi & English tabloids Newspaper. We have been in this print media since 1981 & basically we started from Indore (MP).
Our tabloids have exclusive content and we have a professional news gathering mechanism which enables us to build strong readership loyalties. The exclusive views, features and interviews have become the talk of the town
With its legacy spanning over 30 long years, PITS today is deep rooted in the lives of Maharashtrians everywhere. Local to Global, from Information to Entertainment, from Education to Social Welfare, PITS has remained focused on innovating and celebrating the core values of humanity. With its presence across media and geographies, Morya Group is one of the leading diversified media entities in India.

Corporate office in Mumbai, the Morya Group is a vast media syndicate that has made a vivid imprint on the media canvas. PITS enjoy a loyal readership of over six million discerning people. What’s more, its e-paper is assiduously accessed by Netizens all over the globe giving the Morya Group phenomenally wide penetration and reach.

Focused Talent:-

PITS is a people-oriented organization. It has a resource pool comprising motivated, dynamic individuals who channel their ideas and energies towards achieving the broader corporate goal. They are educated, competent and experienced persons who possess skill sets that drive the Company. We have an open and pulsating work environment that offers scope for advancement and growth. We inspire peak performance from each of the employees, all the time. We have adopted a 360degree Performance Management System that continuously monitors and appraises the performance of the individual.


To be a dominant media player by

  • Informing and Entertaining
  • Remaining Relevant
  • Creating Super Brands

* The Morya Group is the only media house to give advertisers maximum value for their money and minimum wastage. The range of publications, each with its own specific target audience, helps advertising managers plan the ideal media mix.


Enriching lives by informing, educating, voicing and entertaining.

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