Nadi Shastra

Posted on March 24 2012 by pits

Being unable to answer our own queries mostly leaves us miffed, a state of mind where everything seems so unimportant to that what the the mind has been facing then. Sitting in the garden of my society, I was thinking, that why it becomes so hard at times to even analyze or know ourself. The answer definitely was with me but figuring it out was extremely difficult. The topsy – turvy of mind, saga of emotions created a drift between the mind and heart. Unable to resolve my own turmoil, I decided to go back home just when my phone rang. It was my friend Sonikaa…she wanted to meet me…so I asked her to come to my place.
Settling myself back to the bench, I tried to deviate my attention towards all the kids playing around and saying – ‘Didi, join us’…but the brainstorm never left me. After some time Sonikaa joined me. Our conversation on different subjects and people helped me feel better. We spoke a lot until she told me that she is off to the Pink City to a temple..whose name I failed to remember. While she was talking about the ancient beliefs and devotion I realized that I was feeling more and more curious about some unknown matter. Moments later Nishant joined us and our discussion became more serious on the ancient temples and rituals…..just when Sonikaa introduced me with a term ‘ Nadi Shastra’, which she had experienced at Nasik and found effective. After she left I came home and thought where should I begin my search on the same.


Coincidently, I found my friend Raj online, who apart from being a friend is also a great director…He told me about a new term ‘ Brighu Samhita’. The entire night i googled this terms….and learned that it is an unique form of astrology where the fortune/ fate of every individual on earth is inscribed on palm leaves. Nadi shastra is one of the most amazing confirmation of the intuitive powers and developed knowledge of the ancient sages, who possessed the capability of seeing the future of the entire universe. The primary center for Nadi Shastra is in Vaitheeswarankoli, near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India. Here Lord Shiva is said to have assumed the role of a `Vaidhya` or doctor, who alleviated the miseries of his devotees. Nadi reading is not prejudiced to any caste, region, or nationality. All human beings have their destiny recorded and preserved. Due to manhandling of the leaves, certain leaves are considered to be damaged or lost. And there are certain leaves that are scattered. That is, a leaf corresponding to one person may not be available to one particular Nadi reader, and might be there with the other reader somewhere else in India. Still, many people are the first hand experience holder of the humbling experience in which they encounter the details pertaining to their lives on a mere leaf meant for them ever since thousands of years ago.


Still my mind and heart was cluttered until I came across Mr. Shekar Kapur’s blog……..where Ms. Kavita Kannan had written her experience on Nadi Shastra. Sha has also mentioned about the routes to find where the exact Nadi is located and their availability in either of the two temples is also depended upon the time fate has decided for us. Searching for nadi through finger prints and all other questions they ask to confirm on the Nadi of a particular individual from any part of the world, was an overall new thing I learnt that night. Every sentence I read made me shiver and my goose bumps never left me, even now when I am writing on this I can feel them. The good and bad of our lives and people related to us can be found out but only if destiny wants us to know about this. My dilemma seemed to resolve but another question that left me with a new turmoil was that – Will I ever be able to know my future……My loved one’s future…..does destiny wants me to even know about myself or not….and the worst part …even if I come to know of it .. as they say…you cannot do anything about it…you cannot just change it……

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